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Playing Nice With Psake, PartCover, And TeamCity

Playing Nice With Psake, PartCover, And TeamCity

PowerShell runner or Command Line runner. TeamCity 6.5 has a bundled PowerShell runner, which can be used to run psake builds. For older versions of.... C#NCoverPartCover ... NET Core Test Explorer - Discovers tests and gives you a nice explorer. ... with a convenient command-line interface that we can easily leverage with Psake. ... Test Coverage with OpenCover, XUnit, Cake and TeamCity November 17, 2017.... While code coverage isn't the holy grail of development benchmarks, it has a place in the tool belt. We have several legacy systems where we.... ... LDAP, , TeamCity, cron, , LINQ, Silverlight3.0, JAXB, ... , , partcover, MS, , HTTP403, ... , BLAT, psake, jrubyonrails, COUT, , , , , ... It seems a bit of an odd approach but gives us a nice light footprint at each.... ... android-version android-vibration android-video-player android-videoview ... nib nibble nic nice nicedit niceforms nicescroll nidaqmx nifti nifty-gui nightly-build ... parsley.js part-of-speech partcover partial partial-application partial-classes ... ps ps1 ps2 ps3 psake pscmdlet pscollectionview pscp pscustomobject pscx psd.... DoTheMario 1.0.0 Plays the Mario Bros theme song in PowerShell. ... eventbriteNET 1.0.4 Wraps the developer API in some nice ... 1.310.50360.51804 This is a test package for TeamCity-NuGet integration Jose. ... ReportGenerator ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by PartCover, Op... ... ,internet,delphi-7,ipc,hashtable,fullcalendar,teamcity,haml,md5,folder ... ,biztalk-2010,android-theme,api-design,bayesian,windows-media-player,treenode ... ,open-flash-chart,partcover,par,postgresql-9.0,pong,piracy,pastebin,pyyaml ... ,raiserror,recycle-bin,recurrence-relation,psake,proxypass,providers.... PowerShell runner or Command Line runner. TeamCity 6.5 has a bundled PowerShell runner, which can be used to run psake builds. For older versions of.... cordova-plugins. player. tfs2013. entitymanager. preview. numeric. visual-studio-online ... teamcity-8.0. localnotification ... psake. apn. angular-mock. xcode-bots. angular-template. xfa. zbuffer ... thucydides. nice. nexus-one. inspection. toupper. c++-concepts. web-application-design ... partcover. javascript-.... CI SERVER TeamCity Hudson BuildMaster TFS??? ... free) FxCop DotCover (free on server) NChurn PartCover MS Metrics??? ... BUILD SCRIPT Rake + Albacore MsBuild PSake NantAmir Barylko - OSS ... Web Presentation Plays Nicely With Framework UI Bindings.... ... coding-standards;330 class-design;330 teamcity;330 datasource;329 pylons ... nsview;134 portal;134 player;134 organization;134 shared-memory;134 drag ... pymongo;23 py2app;23 pure;23 pseudo-class;23 ps3;23 part;23 partcover;23 ... programs;12 programming-fundamentals;12;12 pwd;12 psake;12...


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